Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quality Backlink - It Will Gives Life And Existence to Your Website

If you want to make money in the internet you have to make a lots of backlink for your business websites. What is the relation of building backlink to your website success. First if you have just starting your website, backlink is the only way to attract some traffic, since your website doesn't have enough content and it is newly index by search engine, it is imposible for search engine to give you ranking on top 10 searh engine pages which makes imposible for people to find you website. But by making a lots of back link especially if you are submitting article with a link toward your website to any reputable article directories such as, you're article might reach a high page rank as search engine such as google give more weight or impotance for such backlink. But aside from the direct hits it can provide, posting a backlink on any website which offer  follow tag will help your website in terms of search engine optimization ( I will discuss search engine optimization (SEO) on later posting). Let me discuss briefly the importance of follow tag in search engine. When somebody searching in google, google respond by giving the most relevant website that might offer answer for what a person are searching , google has its own criteria for deciding which websites among the thousand or million website should appear in first 10 ranking. Some of the criteria are keyword content, backlink (especially a follow backlinks), websites age. I give emphasize on backlink from a website with a follow tag as google crawl toward a particular site through a link that makes google familiarize with a certain website, so the more backlink with a follow tag a website has, the more chances for search engine remembers a website. So as a conclusion, to get quality backlink can provide direct traffic to any website especially if you are giving an informative content and possibly could help websites to have organic traffic through SEO that might help you to make money in the internet.

Different Kinds of Backlink That I Will Discuss Later

Article Marketing
Forum Marketing
Social Networking Marketing
Website Directory Submission

Please follow my next posting : Basics of Search Engine Optimization

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