Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beginners Guide on Making Money Using Internet

For some people making money using internet is really so easy that they makes a fortune out of it, but for majority of people who aspire to make money online it seems that it is so imposible. Data shows that 95% of people start to work online failed, to tell you honestly I don't believed on such data as I believed that only a handful of people with internet business succeed, In my own observation I think only 1% or less than of people succeded with this internet based business. But compare with an offline business or real world business starting a internet marketing business is much risk free for the reason that:
  • You don't need a big capital of money to start with
  • No complicated documentation
  • Work on your spare time (You dont have to stop your regular work t start an online business)
  • Since this an internet business, you have a unlimited market as a web business knows no boundary
  • Your business are 24 hours open, it knows no holiday
  • No overhead cost as being yourself is just your empleyee
  • You dont have to worry for facilities such as office bldg, office equipment, etc...

Since that i already give you some of the advantages, here is some reason why majority of people fail to make money from internet business.

  • Lack of technical knowledge or skills (this could be learned)
  • Confuse on how to start or how to promote
  • Quitting because of frustation, not giving enough time to learn
  • Discouragement from other people (wife, husband, friend, etc.......)
While the discrepancies between the people who succeed and failed is so wide, do you think starting an internet business still woth trying for, off course in my own opinion  considering the fortune it offers when learned and implemented successfully. Do you think it's late now to start working on internet, no as a lot of new products now a days is just being introduced and can be sell online.

So the question is how can we really make money in the internet:

  • There is a lot of ways to make money using the internet and one of them is though network marketing, network marketing, it is a method of marketing, selling or promoting  that utilizes independent marketer to reach posibleclient that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods. There is a lot legitimate network marketing in the internet that offers oppotunity for every body and one of them is Global Domain Incorporated.

  • Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate marketing is one of the simple and common ways to make money in the internet.The simplest explanation for affiliate marketing is an agreement between a merchant (People or company that produces a product) and an Affiliate (anybody that are willing to promote or sell a product) in exchange for a percentage of sales that are being generated from an affliate link. Affiliate link is a web pages that will be issue for each affiliate to promote to genarate commision for each sale

If ever that you have made a decission for a product or company to join with, the next step that must be accomplished is to promote or introduce your product by creating a blog. Blogging is one of the most effective method of promoting any product as it gave a peson an opportunity to update a content which is good for search engine optimization. Using blogspot for a blog offers a lot of advantage as it was free completely and might save you a fortune in a long run.  My advice is as much as possible do not spend a lots of money when starting an online business as our goal is to make money not to lose some, but to tell you honestly that there are times that you have to invest for  some internet marketing tools to help you to promote your business automatically that will saved some precious time.

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