Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is There Really a Money From Blogging?

Before I answer our question, let us learn about what is blogging all about? Blog is a short word from WEB and LOG. It is also a website or a webpages but unlike with a common website which is static and nature blog is being maintained by an individual by posting a content on regular basis,  post are usually displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog is much easier to maintain as you don't have to upload using FTP for every posting you have to make. Just like any regular website you can also add picture and video to add character to your posting.

So,is there really money through blogging? Ofcourse there is, and here is some method on how to make money on a Blog.

Google Adsense : You could be able to earn extra money by integrating google adsense to your blog, by adding some code into your website google will automatically published an advertisement that are related to keyword on your blog. You will be paid everytime a vistor click on said advertisement.

Affiliate Marketing :  Affiliate marketing is another method of making money from internet by using blog as a medium from the prospective client through your affiliate website. You could always a commision everytime a person buy a product or a service from your affiliate link. Clickbank is a great source of downloadable product to promote.

Infolinks :  Joining infolink is another way to make money with a blog, it has similarity a with google adsense, infolink pays for every click on textual advertising.

Advertising : Advertising is another method to make money with blog, by offering advertising space on your blog from a company that offer a product related to your niche.

Internet Network Marketing : Join internet based network marketing for residual income opportunity, create a blog about company you've chosen to join but be sure to join a legitimate one as there are a lots of fly by night network marketing company in the web.

This just a partial list of different method of making money from blogging. Whatever method of money making opportunity you have chosen, try to avoid spending too much money when starting blog based business, always remember that our goal is to make money not to lose some. But we should also bear in our mind that a capital is needed in every business opportunity whether it is online or offline business. So invest some money for a tool, product or service that will going to help you to minimize work bit will also help you to achieve your goal to make money from blogging.

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