Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Backlinks and Increase Your Website Visibility on Search Engine

Making a backlink is very crucial for establishing a successful internet business. Every internet marketer knows that success is always depend on the amount and quality of traffic a website can gather. If you only want to gather a massive amount of traffic joining an traffic exchange program can always offer a lots of traffic but the big question are if those traffic can be converted into paying customes which is the purpose of establishing an internet business, to make money online. In my own opinion traffic exchange is just a waste of time as the people surfing from traffic is just to gather points so other surfer would visit his website in exchange for a visit. It is just a process that goes all over again in continuation to gather points and traffic. So what is the connection of backlink with regards in creating massive highly targeted traffic. Backlink is very important in internet business, to start an internet business basically you will need a website with a content about the product or service that you offer, you could always have the most good looking website but if there is no high quality visitor it is imposible fo you to make money from internet. The best way to gather is to increase your website visibility in search engine as there are thousand or even million of web pages that competed in same niche. Search Engine Optimization is`the process of increasing your website visibility on search engine through on site optimization and off site optimization. Backlinking is a method for off site optimization to increase your website search engine visibility, backlinking can always offer a direct traffic by adding your website URL or placing hypherlink toward your website, hypherlink can always help to increase your website credential in a particular keyword, here is a sample of hypherlink chicken sopas is a popular macaroni soup in the Philippines and for this particular blog page i used chicken sopas as the main keyword and alo i used my main keyword which is chicken sopas when creating backlink. Google will always remember your URL about chicken sopas when some body search using those keywod because of the hypherlink you created. Every time google crawl each backlink you created it will follow the hypherlink going to your website, the more backlink you created the better with your main keyword as the hypherlink. Backlink is not created equal, to make your backlink much more effective is to submit your backlink (Article Submission, Joining Forum, Blog Commenting, Bookmarking, etc.) in a high reanking reputable website, and a website with follow tag so google robots can crawl going to your website from backlink with hypherlink going to your website. Creating  backlink with proper hypherlink on reputable website will surely increase your website search engine visibility as well will help you to make money using internet.

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