Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to Make Money From Affliliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another method of making money from the internet. It could be one of the easiest method for making money online especially if you have learn the effective method for promoting affiliate product. For a lot of people including myself has experience difficulty when starting as a affiliate marketer, at first it seems that promoting a product online seems  easy to achieve but as time passby I have noticed that promoting online is not easy as it was, there is no such easy make quick  money online. You have to learned and keep on experimenting until you find the system that will work for you. In my case when i am starting,  I work as a network marketer in one of popular network marketing in tne internet but the problem with network marketing is you have to pay a certain amount of money as a member to promote a product so I have to quit. With affiliate marketing, you are not obliged to join as paid member for a certain merchant company to make money, so with affiliate there is no maitainance fee unlike with several network marketing opportunity available in internet. So as a beginner it is adviceable to work as a affiliate marketer rather than network marketer to prevent losing than earning. But once you have learned the system that will work for you it is advisable also to join a network marketing program as thy always offer a business with residual income opportunity but we have to be careful for choosing such company as there area lots of fraudulent online opportunity that disguise as a legit company that the only goal is to scam their prospective member, we don't want to involved with such anomalous activities. Here is some basics and tips when starting with affiliate marketing.

  • Join clickbank- I think clickbank is #1 marketplace for digital product, it is free to join and since they are not selling physical product the affiliate main obligation is just to promote a product
  • Set-up a blog about any topic that are related with you product. Learn to optimize a website or blog to gather targeted free traffic.
  • Use keyword tool to gather enough keyword searchers usually type when searching about a product or services you offer.
  • Have a main keyword with you blog but not spam, use keyword naturally instead use alternate keyword (Relevant keyword) to optimize your blog.
  • Promote each of you post through article marketing, with article marketing you will not only gather direct traffic but it will also help to increase your website or blog recognition in eye of search engine particulary with google.
  • Use main keywords as a anchor tag pointing to your website, google will reward remember your blog for that particular keyword. Example : Laing Recipe is the anchor tag which is the main keyword for that particcular blog page.
  • Bookmark each of you website pages fo direct traffis but for search engine optimization purposes also
  • Maximize the full potential of internet, advertise with online classified ads, use social networking website to attract traffic to you website, remember that life of any web based business are always depend on the amount and quality of traffic that you will able to gather.
  • Turn your website traffic into possible buying client by adding an opt-in form in exchange for a valuable gift.
  • Send them an informative email through a autoresponder from time to timewith a link toward your affiliate product.
Affiliate marketing is very rewarding if learned and implemented properly as our goal here is not just to make money but giving help and service to other people too. I hope that my post will give an idea on how an affiliate marketing business work and increase your chance for making money using internet.

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