Sunday, June 26, 2011

Add Paypal Donate Button on Every Blogger Post

If you have a blogspot blog and you want to make extra money on the net, adding paypal donate button is another method of monetizing a method. Adding donate button is not really complicated as I already add some on my blogspot out of curiosity. I really don't have any idea if there will be any person that will make any donation through a paypal account. At first you have to create a paypal account to make a donation botton on your blog, the advantage of having paypal  is that you don't have to divulged your credit card information when buying anything in the net as there are a lots of scammer in the internet. There is a lso a lots of merchant company that pay their affiliates through paypal that are very convenient for both country, of course they are charging some amount depending on the amount of money that are being send, it could be deducted neither on sender or receiver account depending on your agreement. Shortly, it is a web based for allowing payment and money transfer served as an alternative fo traditional paper method just like checks and money order. Paypal could be funded through credit card and by or by linking your bank account on your paypal, the account should be on the same name to be linked together, so far Paypal is highly accepted by majority merchants company or any Internet based business company. Visit PayPal now and open an account for free now as you will need it when working online.

How To Add Paypal Donate Button

If you already have a paypal account if choose to add a paypal donate button on  blogger here is the exact procedure that you must follow and the donate button will apear just below on every post that you created.

  • Log in to your paypal account
  • Click merchant service at the top
  • Look for key feature at left side of your screen
  • Click Donation
  • Look for Merchant account ID and click use my pimary email address
  • Click Create Button
  • Click Website and copy html code.
Procede to your blogger account

                                                                   PayPal donate button 
  • Click design
  • Click edit html
  • Click expand widget templates
  • Click Ctrl f key
  • Paste    <div class='post-footer'>  on find search box
  • Paste html code fom generated paypal code just under <div class='post-footer'>
It will look like this :

<div class='post footer'>
Paypal html code

Then click saved and it will appear just below every post you made.

If you want to appear you paypal donate button as a side bar

Log in to your blogspot account ---->   Click Design -----> Click Page element----->Click Add Gadget-----> Click HTML/ JAVASCRIPT ----->Paste Paypal HTML code ----> Click SAVE

Paypal button will appear on your side bar on your blogger. Open your PayPal account  and add donation button now on your blogger and start making extra money now. Happy blogging

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